Health. Safety. Life.

Health and safety is a high priority for the PAC-12, and we are working hard to ensure the health of our student-athletes. Coaches play a key role in this work. We want all coaches to have the information they need to help their medical team keep athletes safe, healthy and thriving on the field and off.

The GoHuddle Project

  • Provides information to coaches regarding how to talk to athletes about concussion
  • Describes the risks of continuing play with concussion
  • Offers opportunities for coaches to engage in real-life situations that impact athlete health and well-being
  • Aims to strengthen the relationship between coaches, athletes and medical staff

GoHuddle for Administrators

GoHuddle makes it simple for administrators to track training completion by staff. An intuitive dashboard experience to easily create users, disseminate important documents and send reminders all from one place.

Simple User Management

Easily connect with your school's authentication system or directly add users.


Detailed tracking of staff progress through the modules, with notifications and reminders.


Add your own content / files to ensure your staff complete all institution specific requirements.

Stay up-to-date

Training modules are regularly updated, reflecting the latest research and best practices.

Image: GoHuddle on mobile